Chiller Van For Rent

One of the biggest problems during refrigeration or transportation is ensuring the safety of the products before they reach the delivery location. If you work in business, you know what it means when something you want to deliver doesn’t meet the customer’s needs at the right temperature. Our Chiller van ensures that the goods reach the correct destination. Chiller van are designed to transport fresh produce such as meat, dairy, poultry, fish, and products at high temperatures. Renting a refrigerated truck is another popular solution among consumers.
Prime  chiller van is a chiller van that uses the refrigerator as a refrigerator. It is a device for cooling a space by extracting heat from the space and compressing or absorbing vapor in the air. Prime Chiller Transport is a leading organization that offers any refrigerated van and chiller van for hire in Dubai (1 ton, 2 ton) at the best rental rates available in the market. Our refrigerated vans and chiller van are best suited for those who need temperatures from +5 C° to +10 C° (or according to the temperature requirement).

Chiller van 1 ton standard roof.

Chiller van 1.5 ton high roof.

We have a well-maintained and well-equipped refrigerated van and chiller van rental in Dubai. Fresh Freights’ chiller van in Dubai ensures that goods are kept at the correct temperature until they are delivered. Items in frozen foods must be kept at the correct temperature: neither too much nor too little. It is stable at night. These items can be easily stored inside.

Capacity: 1.5 Ton Refrigerated Van And Chiller Van for rent


Rental of refrigerated vans and trucks

We rent/hire refrigerated vans and Chiller vans on adaptable spans and under simple terms of hire, you can procure our truck driver commonly known as a delivery man to ensure the transport of food or a specific item that requires temperature controlled transport from distribution centers or creating customers’ homes or shops.
You shouldn’t stress about the well-being of your belongings because we take care of them and we have prepared our drivers above all to make the adventure as smooth as possible.
The drivers help you from stacking to emptying and taking away the important archives of receipts and transport confirmations.
we work with small to large organizations and we understand that every association and customer has clear needs and plans for the rental and transportation of their trucks.
Our chiller vans are monitored and maintained all around and are continuously monitored intermittently to stay in touch with the latest and sterile. They are cleaned on a daily basis and with a favorable assumption that any odor remains in the cooled protected plate.
We do not mix our refrigerated trucks and refrigerated trucks with each other, and we have sorted them and dedicated them, for example, a refrigerated truck used to transport fragile nutrition will be reliably used in the transportation of new foods, or a refrigerated truck used in the transportation of cakes and confectionery will reliably be used in equivalent or comparable goods.


Chiller Van

The best and efficient chiller van rental in Dubai . You can use our chiller vans with controlled temperature on a departure, hourly, monthly and yearly basis. It’ll keep your cargo protected and cool, plus it’ll track problems with ease. We also offer trucks for contracted drivers and without drivers. Generously visit us for load limit, schedule and other important administration information.
We’ll support your weight with incredible organizations like on time placing trailers whenever they call a task response and step by step records via mail to your work zone. Submit your request and state your goal of displaying the payload and load estimate. Chiller Van ready for refrigeration.

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